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My name is Melanie aka Meru, 20, and I'm from Sweden. I've been studying animation for 4 years and still am at a Folk higschool in the middle of nowhere. I draw anything from Original stuff and fanart, traditional and digital.
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ethansmansion asked: I don't know if you're into Homestuck anymore, but do you still love JakeRoxy? It's one of my OTPs and I love your artwork for it!


It makes me endlessly happy that you love my art, even though it’s mostly because of Jake and Roxy. So a big mental hug for you sweetie.

But well I haven’t really been into alot of things for a year now or so. As many may have noticed I haven’t been as active here on tumblr in a long time now. But I’m doing my best to make stuff work out in life so I can do what I love the most. So hopefully some day soon I will be able to do alot of things, like re-reading homestuck, catch up on other webb-comics, animes etc.

So I may not be as super into HS anymore, but Jake and Roxy will always have a speical place in my heart.<3 

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Hey guys~
I’m so sorry for being so inactive here, but I still have the “no computer” problem and I sketch most if the time and upload them on my instagram. I for some reason don’t feel comfortable uploading my sketches here on tumblr so.. If you wanna keep up with my art you should follow my instagram!

Username is newstation

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mmmyeeeeehhhhhh the best sadist loli mhmmm.

mmmyeeeeehhhhhh the best sadist loli mhmmm.

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Yuuuiiii. yui. yui. YUI!!!!!!!

Yuuuiiii. yui. yui. YUI!!!!!!!

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I&#8217;m too addicted to this game&#8230;

I’m too addicted to this game…

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Had to join in with the other witches and wizards!

Had to join in with the other witches and wizards!

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Dangan Ronpa Cosplay. photoset two.

Junko by GoDirtyPop tumblr/FB 
Mukuro by Toriiko tumblr/dA 
Photo/edit by me Newstation.

photoset one.

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Dangan Ronpa Cosplay. photoset one.

Junko by GoDirtyPop tumblr/FB
Mukuro by Toriiko tumblr/dA
Photo/edit by me Newstation.

photoset two.

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